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The USS COLE DDG-67 depicted here emerging from the storm. Her sleek lines show true as she cuts through the water.

In 2000 I was stationed on the USS SIMPSON FFG-56 and we were deployed with the COLE. I had an opportunity to go onboard and I was so impressed by this ship. Not long after I was onboard the COLE was attacked. I have heard first hand accounts of the bombing and the desperate fight to save the ship. She is a living testimony to the professional men and women who serve on the sea in the service of their Country.

I did the painting to honor the men and women of the USS COLE DDG-67. This is a limited edition signed and numbered print, 11" x 14". There will only be 100 issued.

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Awesome painting of the USS COLE! From placing my order to receiving at my door, everything was smooth, easy, and timely.