USS Oklahoma BB-37

USS Oklahoma BB-37


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This is a limited edition, signed and numbered gliceé print of my original watercolor painting of the USS Oklahoma BB-37 leading a gun line of the USS Pennsylvania BB-38 and the USS Arizona BB-39, circa 1930.

The USS Oklahoma BB-37, built in 1910, was the second ship built in the Nevada class.

On 7 December 1941, the Oklahoma was sunk when torpedoed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. During the attack, survivors jumped off the ship into water that was burning with fuel or escaped across mooring lines that connected the Oklahoma and the USS Maryland. Other sailors inside the ship escaped when rescuers drilled holes and opened hatches to rescue them. The ship capsized and a total of 429 crew died.

The ship was righted in 1943 but proved to be too damaged to be repaired. She sunk while being towed to San Francisco.

Two sizes offered:

H: 12 1/2" by W: 9 1/2" ($35.00)
H: 16 1/2" by W: 12 3/4" ($65.00)