Maritime Fine Artist Terry Wylie

Terry is a fine artist from San Antonio Texas who has spent 30 years in the Navy traveling the world, sailing the seas and ocean of the world.
His art career started while still in school doing portraits and landscapes in pencil. He then took a job as a commercial artist, doing art for newspaper, books, magazines and other media. His commercial work includes projects for the Houston Rockets and Coastal Oil Corp. 

As Terry moved into his military career, his artwork evolved into fine art pursuits, where he produced a veriety of work in oil, acrylics, pencil, pen and ink. His focus has primarily been nautical but he still enjoys mixing it up with portraits, westerns, and different realism persuits. 

Now retired from the Navy, Terry has turned his attention to fine art that depicts Naval history and heritage. He has a keen ability to capture details and compositions that depict Naval Ships and Sailors in a truly unique way. After spending a lifetime at sea, his work tells the story of the mariner in a way that could only be shared by someone who has been there. 

He currently resides in Norfolk Virginia and continues close ties to the Navy. He produces fine art for sale, including limited addition prints and commission pieces. 

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